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Computer diagnostic services in kampala uganda

PC Diagnostic

The PC diagnostic is something that only an expert can do. We’re talking just about professional tools and methods. The test and the following analysis requires an expert understanding of all results, this way it’s clear what has to be done.

Computer Hardware Diagnostic

The hardware is probably more important. Usually with start with hardware analysis. It requires a precise understanding of all parameters. This includes:

Hard drive health – sectors, performance, free space, damages;
Peripheral hardware – connection, signals, speed of data transfer;
Video Card, CPU, Audio Card, Camera, USB ports;
Overall health report of your PC.

Sometimes it’s possible to get a new computer (which is already returned by another customer), and it may have heavy problems with overuse for crypto mining, gaming, video rendering or something else. We can investigate that problem.

Computer Software Diagnostic

This analysis includes complete scanning of your OS (Windows, Linux, Mac OS) for wrong configuration, missing files, small issues.

Once it’s done we can do a diagnostic of:

3rd party software, Business applications, Email client, Torrent scripts;
Proper installation of video players, browsers, games, antivirus;
Backup settings, archive configuration, cloud setup, router security.

Mandatory PC Diagnostic

Every time will run a test for these sections:

Performance test – checking memory speed, HDD/SSD, battery health, video cards, motherboard, USB peripherals;
Security check – scan the computer for viruses, dangerous files, unknown downloads, broken software, hard disk clean up;
Update test – check for new upgrades, security updates, improvement features, etc.

We can do that once a week. There are few options to launch a PC diagnostic:

Remotely with approved access from you
Local test onsite (at your place).
Here in our computer shop.

All these diagnostics have two reasons:

  • To be sure that everything runs very well.
  • To repair your PC if needed, and to avoid further problems.

Each time we make a diagnostic, you will get a report about your computer. If there is something we need to fix, upgrade, replace – we can do that instantly.

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