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computer upgrade services in kampala

PC upgrade service

Every computer you buy or receive has defined parameters, components, and features. Over time, some hardware parts may reduce their performance, or be inadequate for your current needs.

At this point, you need to do a computer upgrade to not buy a brand new computer just for one thing, not to transfer information, not to make any new settings and installations. There is a lot of advantages to moving forward with an upgrade instead of buying a new computer.

Every computer or laptop upgrade needs to support the motherboard, processor, resolution, cooling system, and power storage capability. This is an obligatory part to make an effective change that can only have a positive effect.
Upgrade your hard drive

With the constant use of the computer, the disk becomes more and more filled, with less free space, and more and more work done. For this reason, an upgrade can be an ideal solution.
The options we can offer:

Improve old hard disk with higher capacity (gigabytes) – add an extra disk, remote alternative, total replacement, fragmentation, etc.
Replace a hard drive with a larger or faster one (small HDD to larger or HDD to SSD or NVME / MSATA chips instead of drives – if supported). It can be a better choice.

Upgrade of essential computer components:

A more powerful processor – if needed for greater power/stability, fast performance. The processor can be changed depending on whether the motherboard is compatible with it. If not, it is necessary to replace both the processor and the board, and sometimes the memory (if it is not consistent with the new base).
Motherboard Replacement – Special requirements (more USB ports, hardware compatibility, need for a more modern processor – incompatible with the available PCB)
RAM upgrade – this is something widespread with laptops and Desktop PC. The memory limit may need additional 2BG, 4GB, 8GB. It depends on how many free slots you have for an extra card. It may be required to make a full card replacement.
Video card upgrade for better resolution, graphics, and visual effects. It depends what’s the current video card because there are many computers with Intel processor and integrated graphics card.

Upgrading additional computer components:

Change of power supply – in case of less power, not enough battery life, not enough stability, too noisy, etc.;
Docking bay installation for easy plugging in of external media disc;
Installing/replacing a DVD drive with better read/write capabilities (higher speed, allowing Blu-ray / dvd8 standards);

From our side, as a specialized company, we can offer a partial or complete upgrade to the computer. The choice depends both on the need for this change and on the available budget you have.

An upgrade can be a recommended, urgent, or total replacement of a part of the computer.

To make sure it will have the effect you wish, you can contact our representative. Once we can do the primary tests, we can provide solutions and options for upgrading the computer.

It is highly recommended to take into account both the parameters of the new hardware and the manufacturer’s brand, the necessary compatibility, etc.

We look forward to your call to provide a solution that will respond to your needs.

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