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computer repair kampala

Laptop liquid damage solutions

The laptop is usually part of our daily lifestyle. Most of the time it’s with us, and we’re using it in different places. Sometimes we may drink coffee, a cup of wine, water, sodas, tea, etc. These drinks can play a bad joke if we spill them all of a sudden.

The liquid damage is always accidentally. It’s not expected, and the result in most cases is pretty severe. Such repair has to start as soon as possible (especially for sodas, wine, and coffee).

It may need a laptop keyboard replacement, very gentle refurbishment of everything, check the motherboard for any damages, test the proper work of all hardware components.
Problem with liquid damage

The liquid damage can harm a lot from your laptop. We need to investigate all affected parts, clean the keyboard and all sub-keyboard elements. Very often it is recommended to replace the keyboard with a new one because the buttons cannot be cleaned.

The whole process of total repair may take up to 1 day.

  • We need to disassemble the laptop.
  • Clean it carefully – keyboard, pad, mouse, monitor connection, USB ports.
  • Replace some parts (if necessary).
  • Assemble everything as it was.
  • Once it’s done, we’ll make all the required tests.

In case you have such a problem, it’s highly recommended to fix it as soon as you can. Probably you will start searching for a solution with your mobile phone, so please call us directly. Otherwise, you can stop using the computer machine.

For damage by liquid different than water, please take it seriously.

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